Valetines 2019 MBE Denmark

Many of us claim to be a bit cynical about Valentine’s Day, but that didn’t stop UK and Danish consumers spending Millions on it in 2018, with the average spend per person being just under 250DKK. The total spend is up from 9000DKK million in 2016, too – an upward trend that shows we’re still prepared to fork out, despite claiming the whole thing is over-commercialised.

Whatever you plan to send this February, we can help get it there safely.

You may simply need a stamp for your card – if so, beat the queues and pop into your local Mail Boxes Etc. for all the Postnord postal services.

Left things a bit late but want to be sure it gets there on the big day? Postnord Quickbrev will get your card or parcel to its DK destination the next working day.

If you want to send something further afield, Postnord offers a range of international tracking and signature services to anywhere in the world with full end-to-end tracking.

We also offer the biggest selection of leading shippers under one roof – including FedEx, DHL, UPS and TNT – that will allow you to send urgent packages. Whatever you’re sending, and wherever your loved one is in the world, we can help you choose the right courier and the best option for your needs.

Found the perfect present but feeling apprehensive about wrapping it safely? We can help. Mail Boxes Etc. has a plentiful supply of packaging materials, from padded Jiffy Bags to postal tubes, boxes, sturdy brown paper and tape. And if you’re worried about packing it yourself, why not ask our experts to do it for you?

We’re here to help you share the love this Valentine’s Day.

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