Life at MBE is exciting and starting our second month at MBE.

  • We shipped 300kg to Cyprus of private goods.
  • Election Time in Copenhagen, MBE has benefited from it. We printed 50.000 flyers for different candidates. We started with one but with fair pricing, good service and quality they came through the door. Mainly the radical party.
  • We printed window stickers for a cycling shop in Osterbrogade we started with one and now we have printed stickers for 5 cycling shops.
  • More antique and special items shipping from Bruun Rasmussen.
  • We signed a deal with DHL to be a drop of service point but also now we can ship to Iran.
  • We have invested in a lot of packaging material, special boxes all kind of odd sizes and shapes drop by and ask us for it.
  • We are getting ready for Christmas and please check out our last shipment days for December.

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