Whether relocating and packing the contents of your home or sending a small parcel, the key steps for packing a box correctly are the same. The goal is to protect what is inside and help it reach its destination in perfect condition. If you worry every time you ship a package about the condition it’s in when delivered, maybe it is time to learn the secure way to box things up. Here are a few simple rules to follow to avoid unnecessary mishaps and decrease possibility of damages during transportation.

1 – Choose the Right Materials

  • New or slightly used boxes – Worn cartons can break down under heavy weight.  It is perfectly fine and environmental friendly to reuse your cardboard boxes, but make sure, that the box is undamaged or damages are not significant.
  • Specially designed containers – For fragile items like dishes, use special box with sections, where each dish has its own section. This sturdy cardboard container comes with dividers and thick protective sides.
  • Packing tape – Do not use an office  tape or adhesive tape. Use a  strong PVC packing tape. Reinforce the bottom of the box as well as any seams. You can apply 2 layers of tape on each fold, for more secure fit.
  • Paper, bubble wrap, foam peanuts – These materials will prevent your belongings from shifting or breaking. Newspaper is an option but the stiffer white packing paper does not flatten out as quickly. You can even use T-shirts to wrap dishes and fragile items in.

2 – Use the Right Size Box

  • Start at the bottom – Choose a box larger than the item you are shipping. Place a thick layer of crumpled paper or bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. Pack the heaviest items first followed by the lightest on top.
  • Pack it tight –use old newspapers or foam peanuts into the space around it. Before closing, add a layer of padding on top.
  • Weight matters – A full box should be no more than 15 kg. Fill the carton with your items and packing materials. Avoid under-packing a container because it can collapse. An over-packed one can burst open.
  • Seal and label – Tape the lid securely. For packages, place a shipping label on the top. For moving boxes, list the destination as well as the contents on all labels.

3 – Organize Your Packing

  • Don’t mix rooms – When moving, fill boxes in each room of your home. Do not pack boxes with items from multiple areas. Labels can help the movers know where each container goes.
  • Ship smartly – To send a breakable object, use towels, pillows, or even clothing as packing material.

4 – Research your carrier – get a price quote for your shipping, before sending. Click the button to get the price quote.