About Packing

At Mail Boxes Etc. you can find a variety of different packing products: boxes and tubes of different sizes and specifications, a heavy item needs a sturdier box than a light one, bubble wrap small and big bubbles, filling material chips and paper, foam corners and edges, tapes, plastic film, pallets and much more.

You don’t want to pack it yourself or feel unsure about it, we offer expert packing service.

Remember, packing is the most important aspect for your goods to arrive in one piece.

T-Shirts and business cards printing and mailing service

Just recently we had an exciting job, printing 800 T-Shirts and sorting them out by long and short sleeve men and women, and packing them together with their corresponding business cards, and mailing to each contact. Yes! it took a few hours.

Mail Boxes Etc. and its new partners

We are proud to announce that we are now part of Housing Denmark Services portfolio, a company with more than 15 years in the rental industry.  Our services fit very well with some of the needs that their clients may have.

“…We are proud to have developed custom-designed products for both landlord and tenant – but we are equally proud to offer products that go beyond the rental industry. Very ordinary homeowners we can also help – completely without the situation of a landlord.

We have a wide experience and experts associated with each area. This means that whether you need to remedy an everyday problem or that it is a specialist task – we are the right partner. Therefore, we do not hesitate to call ourselves Denmark’s safest service company!”


We have partnered up with StubHub, now you have the option to collect your tickets at our address.

“StubHub is the world’s largest ticket marketplace with tickets available for over 10 million live sports, music and theatre events in more than 40 countries. We enable experience-seekers to buy and sell tickets whenever and wherever they are through our desktop and mobile experiences.”


Our latest partner is BagBnB, through their online system you can choose our address to store your luggage while you enjoy beautiful Copenhagen. Do you need to ship the luggage back home or some other destination? that we take care of.

“With BAGBNB, you can now make the most of your last day, worry-free from carrying your heavy luggage with you. Simply choose a location most convenient for you, drop your luggage at a time suitable for you and pick it up at a time that best suits you. We created this with you in mind. It’s that simple.”


December at MBE

Dear all,

Thank you very much for a fantastic beginning at Mail Boxes Etc. Denmark.

December was a very busy month with lots of parcels sent around the world and new clients.

  • We shipped the Arne Jacobsen Swan chairs from SAS Radisson, originally made for the hotel now they have found a new home with 12 lucky new owners in Europe. We handled the whole process from pick up, packing and sending.
  • We packed and shipped a special racing bike to London.
  • We are helping a group of Novo Nordisk Graduates moving to their next destination, from Dubai, Turkey, Nigeria you name it.
  • Not to forget we have done some exciting printing for embassies near us.


We are wishing everyone a fantastic holiday and Happy New Year 2018!


We look forward to seeing you at MBE in 2018.

All the best Sonja and Antonio.


November at MBE …

Life at MBE is exciting and starting our second month at MBE.

  • We shipped 300kg to Cyprus of private goods.
  • Election Time in Copenhagen, MBE has benefited from it. We printed 50.000 flyers for different candidates. We started with one but with fair pricing, good service and quality they came through the door. Mainly the radical party.
  • We printed window stickers for a cycling shop in Osterbrogade we started with one and now we have printed stickers for 5 cycling shops.
  • More antique and special items shipping from Bruun Rasmussen.
  • We signed a deal with DHL to be a drop of service point but also now we can ship to Iran.
  • We have invested in a lot of packaging material, special boxes all kind of odd sizes and shapes drop by and ask us for it.
  • We are getting ready for Christmas and please check out our last shipment days for December.

Your christmas gifts, delivered

[pdf-embedder url=”https://mbedenmark.dk/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Christmas-Poster-Front-page-2017-A1.pdf” title=”Christmas Poster Front page 2017 A1″]

When it just has to be there…

[pdf-embedder url=”https://mbedenmark.dk/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Christmas-Poster-Dates-page-2017-A1.pdf” title=”Christmas Poster Dates page 2017 A1″]

Busy first month at MBE Denmark!

Our first month in Denmark has been busy and fun! Have a look at some of the jobs, we’ve been doing since we started up:

  •  The 2017 Make a wish brochure 2.000 copies with some graphic design work.
  • Big plastic chest full with 3D printed plastic toys and electronics, packed and shipped to Italy.
  • A lady came and wanted to laminate some bills that won’t be produce anymore, and use them as book markers.
  • We picked  up, packed, and ship a Brunn Rasmussen ceramic plate 17th century that was sent to Italy.
  • We packed and ship a pair of skis to the south of Germany
  • We packed and sent a big book to scotland
  • We design and got made some big stickers for a company cars
  • Glue binded 3 documents of 120 pages each.