Our first month in Denmark has been busy and fun! Have a look at some of the jobs, we’ve been doing since we started up:

  •  The 2017 Make a wish brochure 2.000 copies with some graphic design work.
  • Big plastic chest full with 3D printed plastic toys and electronics, packed and shipped to Italy.
  • A lady came and wanted to laminate some bills that won’t be produce anymore, and use them as book markers.
  • We picked  up, packed, and ship a Brunn Rasmussen ceramic plate 17th century that was sent to Italy.
  • We packed and ship a pair of skis to the south of Germany
  • We packed and sent a big book to scotland
  • We design and got made some big stickers for a company cars
  • Glue binded 3 documents of 120 pages each.

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