Brexit is expected to have significant implications for logistics across the UK and EU, the agreement negotiations are still in process  and there are two possible scenarios for Britain´s Withdrawal from EU.

  • Withdrawal Agreement (Deal): A Transition Agreement will be in place from the point the UK leaves the EU until the end of 2020 (or
    longer if extended), during which UK businesses will be able to import
    and export under existing arrangements, free of tariffs. After this
    period, it is envisaged that the terms of a yet to be negotiated trade
    deal will come into effect. These could include the introduction of new
    duties, customs declarations and documentation.
  • No Deal: With no Withdrawal Agreement in place, the UK will leave
    the EU on 31 October 2019* and World Trade Organisation (WTO)
    rules will apply. Goods will be subject to customs clearance and
    inspections, while tariffs are expected to be imposed on goods that
    the UK sends to EU countries and on goods EU countries send to the UK.